Signed Prints from Lodge Trail Media

8"x10" prints signed personally by Keith R. Crowley are available directly from the photographer. Choose any image from the public galleries and Keith will sign and ship the print directly to you. The price for signed 8x10s is $9.95 plus S&H. (Shipping usually runs under $3.00 for U.S. destinations.)

IMG_4962-Edit-2IMG_4962-Edit-2Gray wolf (Canis lupus) in Yellowstone National Park. IMG_0300aIMG_0300aSnowy owl in flight. IMG_4410IMG_4410Three Common loons (Gavia immer) on a lake in northern Wisconsin. IMG_3491IMG_3491

You must specify the image number (image numbers always begin with "IMG_" or "IMGL_") and the gallery name in the "special instructions" section when ordering.